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Special CAMA Reports & Statistical Graphs

Comparable Reports with location maps

Online Mobile GIS/GPS Maps

Imagery Comparison


Sketch Overlays

Large Tract Soil delineations (Open vs Wood) & Absorption rates

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Mapping/GIS Services:

Spatial adjustments to full remapping projects


Network installations and diagnostics

Complete county wide revaluations, partial revaluations, neighborhooding, table & schedule development, Sales Ratio Analysis and Project planning

Total/Partial Revaluations

Work Flow Analysis:

Production Scheduling:

Time management and employee evaluations

Streamline your office workflow for faster and more accurate production

Merge your CAMA (computer assisted mass appraisal) data into a complete GIS (geographical information system) program for the entire county. Create thematic maps, sketch overlays, & find new construction

Data collection, digital photos, and data entry services

Plan of Action, Contract Chief Appraiser, Expert witness, Appeal hearings, New Property Tax law changes, updates, compliance solutions. Staff training and management

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Rural Land Analysis:

Timber extraction, soil delineation of productivity, and absorption rate calculations

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Additional Services

Whether you need a total county revaluation, data collection through appeal support, or just help in only one area, such as schedules, appeals, or analysis, GMASS can help. Flexible billing will allow for you to afford the project that you have been needing and it will be guaranteed through your next review year. Our professional staff is highly trained and experienced with DOR, GREAB, and ESRI certifications. That means we understand and meet or exceed all applicable state, IAAO, and USPAP standards to comply with local assessment practices and state statutory requirements. Please feel free to browse our services below and contact us anytime at

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